Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Travel Suggestions for Washington DC

We are planning a trip to Washington DC for our 40th wedding anniversary.  Our anniversary is the day after Christmas, and we will be in DC that week.  We have never been, and welcome suggestions for sights to see, places to eat and places to stay. 

Things are picking up this week appointment wise, I had my annual GYN yesterday, and lunch with a friend from elementary school. 

Thursday I am going back to the dentist to get a crown on a cracked tooth.  Can't wait for that.  Pfft. After that appointment, I am off to get my mammogram.   I am motivated (finally) to get all my stuff done before I go back to work next Friday. 

We have not been able to paint the house, as we have had rain every day for the last 17 days.  That will probably have to happen in October when the rains stop and the humidity goes away. 

Today's agenda is to get out there and mow the yard, pick up a few things at Aldi's and finish up laundry.   Sounds exciting, right? 

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Weather is Predictably Unpredictable

The weather we are experiencing is typical for this time of year.  Rain, rain, rain.  We were trusting the weather predictions earlier this week which stated that the chance of rain would be very low towards the end of the week.  Not so much. The weather has a mind of its own.

What does all this rain mean?  It means we will have to postpone our house painting once again.  Meh.

There are still things we can do inside while we are dodging the rain.  I ordered bunk beds from WalMart and mattresses from Amazon for the grandkids to put them in one room when they stay the night.  Sheet sets were picked up at Target on clearance.

I ordered a desk for me from WalMart that needs assembly. I have missed having a desk for me and all my controlled chaos.  Currently, I keep stuff like bills, notices, etc, in little bins that are stashed in a closet.    Or on a bed.  Or the dining room table.  You see the problem here, don't you? 

Last week, I found this lovely gazing ball at Old Time Pottery at 30% off.  It was definitely calling my name!  Last year, Hurricane Irma took out the other gazing ball that sat in the same spot since we moved here seven years ago.   The front flower bed is now complete with the addition of my new bright and shiny gazing ball.

I have not heard anything from the potential ultrasound job.  Time will tell if they call or not.  I am curious, but again I am content that I have employment secured already with the local school system.

We are still pitching out stuff that we no longer need.  I finally let go of a couch of my mom's that I kept in a spare room since her death.  Since I was able to get rid of that, it has been easier to move forward with making my house my home. 

There is still stuff of hers that I have kept, small pieces of furniture, lamps, jewelry, and photos.  And... her house.  I still have her house as a rental.  But, in two years it is my goal to sell that too.

 How is your weather where you are?  Predictable or unpredictable?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Monkey Wrench ~ Maybe

I was chatting with my financial planner yesterday about the progress of my investments and what to do with the proceeds from the sale of my mom's house.  I still have my parents house that they left me when they passed.  Currently, it is being rented by my son.   The house is located in a wonderful well-established neighborhood, no HOA and a new K-8 school is being built and will be open in 2019. 

While we were talking about that and other things, I did mention that I was going back to work in August as a Teacher Aide.  He then mentioned that his friend owns a new business.  This business is stem cell-based therapy, and according to the financial planner, business is booming.  His friend is seeking sonographers to help in the procedures. 
The new vinyl fence along driveway right after installation

Well...at first I didn't think I would be interested but after some thought, I am going to ask for an introduction and see if the position is a possibility for me.  It is basically assisting with the procedure and providing quality imaging while the doc is injecting the stem cells into the joints.

Our backyard has its new privacy fence in place.  I love it!  It makes such a big difference in how the yard looks and how I feel when I am in the back yard.  Pricey, but worth every penny.

We will be adding a few more improvements to the backyard in the very near future. But first, we must get the house painted.   The plans are to get that done this upcoming week.  The hubs is taking three days off and we are going to give it our best shot to get it all done by the time he goes back to work.  Major accomplishment, if we can get the checked off our to do list.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Employment Confirmed

I received my confirmation email from the elementary school I will be working at today.  Report for work August 10th, which is a Friday. School starts on the following Monday.  I am feeling pretty good about the job, and am looking forward to getting back into a routine.

There are a few projects that are going on around here at the house.  We have decided to stay here and not look for another house with all the bells and whistles that we have always wanted.  Nope, we are going to move forward and add the bells and whistles to our current home.

First, we are fencing in our backyard for privacy.  The contract has been signed, a deposit has been made and they are scheduled to be here today to begin the installation.  We have removed shrubs and small trees from the fence line, I think we have been to the landfill at least 20 times.  I am super excited about the fence!

With the new job starting, I have been motivated to get "things" done.  The "things" that are getting done are going through that stack of mail sitting on the counter, order refills of RX's, calling CC to straighten out a couple of auto bill issues. Scheduling appointments for an oil change, a phone chat with our financial advisor, and next on the list is to get new glasses so I need to call Target and get that set up.

After this fence install, we are going to paint the house.  We already bought the paint at The Home Depot during their July 4th sale/rebate offer.  It is hot as balls out, but we will tackle a section of the house at a time.  Of course, we would like to get it done before I go back to work.  Fingers crossed!

Hope you are doing fantastic!