Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Celebrating the Birthday Girl

Today is my granddaughter's birthday, she is turning a sassy 6.  We are celebrating with a Unicorn themed party.  Last night, my daughter and I decorated our eat in kitchen in a plethora of unicorns and pink fufu.

Today will be a trip to Orlando to visit Chucky Cheese, her favorite place to go, followed later tonight with a party at the house.  There will be cake, presents and family here to celebrate.

These are precious days, the kiddos grow so fast and I am grateful that I can share these milestones in their lives.

This week has been catching up on daily cleaning chores, laundry and grocery shopping.  I am feeling the excitement and dread of going back to work.

But, I know that the routine of having to be somewhere every day will be the best thing for me in the long run.  I do not do well with too much free time on my hands and structure is my friend.

I shopped at Ald's, and stayed close to my $100 budget.  I love their frozen broccoli, have you tried it?  It is the best.  Very few stalks, and always fresh tasting.

My husband likes their bread products too.  This is great, as they are much cheaper than the brand name.  Most items he is good with, there are a few that we will still buy the brand name goods.  He is not a fan of their cookies or chips.

Practically everything else we buy at Aldi.  I purchased meat on this trip, frozen chicken breasts, pork chops, stew beef, and hamburger.  After I got home, I fried up the hamburger and separated it into 4 separate containers for later use.

When it is just my husband and my self eating, I can use one of the containers for our meal.  Typically we will have spaghetti, tacos, tater tot casserole or sloppy joes on burger nights. We also use the frozen hamburger patties at Aldi's.  We had a pack in the freezer already and did not need to get any this time around.

This morning, I vacuumed, mopped and straightened up the house for a special girl's birthday party this evening.  We went to Chucky Cheese for lunch and to play at her favorite place.  I had a good time too.  It has been YEARS since I have been to a Chucky Cheese restaurant.  I use to take my kids all the time and we used real money for the games.  Now you pay by a card.  Fancy Schmancy!

List for Tomorrow:

  • Replant caladiums
  • List 5 items on  eBay
  • Give dogs a bath
  • Go to kiddos meet the teacher 
  • Clean out my bookbag for work
I have tabled painting the garage door lime green.  I am not sure if  I can commit to such a large space of lime green lol.  I love my front door! 

Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday This and That

New paint color and OLD light bar
The master bath is painted, I still need to touch up the trim with white paint.  The new color really lightens up the windowless space.

The lights above the mirror are definitely dated and need replacing.  It has room for six bulbs, we currently only have one plugged in and it is very bright.  Maybe I can paint the bar and get new light bulb covers.

Our neighbor in the back sent over a tree removal service to take down dead pine trees in the back yard.  The trees are on our property, but a big wind could push them into either yard.  She stands to lose more if it went they fall into her yard. For an extra $50 bucks, they are going to remove an additional two dead trees that can fall on our yard or a different neighbor's yard.
Tree trimmers at back fence 

Here is the list of things to get done today:

  • Purchase a gallon of green paint for the garage door.
  • Move eBay inventory from house to the she shed
  • Get that walk in, at least a mile. 
  • Contact a sheet metal installer to replace the metal on the structure in backyard.
  • List 5 items on eBay
  • Go clothes shopping for granddaughter this afternoon. 
  • Schedule oil change at dealership. 

We are experiencing typical summer rains which help to keep the temps manageable.  The grass grows like crazy, but that is fine.  I like to mow, its a great time for me to unplug and think.  

When it comes to getting in the walking, I am not motivated, just too lazy to get out and walk. I have a million excuses, and I know I need to do better.  So I will keep putting in my list as a reminder to do better. 

What are your plans for today? 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

August 1st 2019 and Monthly Goals With Less Pressure

New Color On Front Door
When it comes to monthly goals, I have really good intentions.  I set goals the first of the month and think when I finish this month I will be on track and feeling awesome.

Well, about a week in to the monthly goals checking in time, I find that I am way behind and it starts to bring me down.  Who needs that pressure?

I am naturally a scattered, chaotic person that eventually gets things done by doing things all at once.  Several projects going at one time.  For instance, today I will complete (hopefully) painting our master bathroom, list 5 items on eBay, move some storage boxes for eBay inventory from the house to  the "she shed", go get MORE lime paint for the garage door and start on that.

In between all that, daily chores will get accomplished, dishes, laundry, sweeping the garage.... You see what I mean?  It is just a normal day of everything.

I will try to share daily lists that will help me with my productivity and accountability. And as I complete the items I can come back and cross them off.

  • Finish painting master bath mostly, need to paint the trim white.
  • List 5 items on eBay
  • Move inventory storage boxes to She Shed  
  • Purchase more Lime green paint for garage door
  • Walk 2 miles 
  • Balance checkbook and update calendar
  • Go through the pile of mail on the counter.

For August, my goals are to be productive, be happy, be a bit more organized, serve God, and do better in all areas of life and not be so hard on myself when I fail.

We are back to work next Friday, the summer has flown by!  I have ordered 3 pair of work tennis shoes which should last through Christmas.  Since my double knee replacement, sneakers are the most comfortable things for me to wear on my feet.  I wear New Balance and when I find my size and cute colors on Amazon I  order them and stock up.

I found cute work tops on sale at Target, and bought enough to hopefully get me through the whole school year.  Yesterday, I went to WalMart and only found one pair of work slacks.  I need to go online an order 3 more pair.

Time to get busy on my list!

Do you set monthly goals?  What about daily lists?