Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday Stuff

It's a new week and overall things are going well.  My emotions are a bit better, I think going cold
My Zinnias are winding down, but I have been saving seeds for
next year! 
turkey with no sugar in my diet may have had a bit of an effect. I do love sugar!  Last week was uneventful, no meltdowns at work, we ate dinner at home every night and I may or may not have put up all my clean clothes. Eh, there will always be more laundry.

It has been a week since I decided to change my eating habits and reduce my weight.  I do well with eating Keto, keeping my carb intake about 20 grams a day.  Once your body gets adjusted to the reduction in carbs, it gets easier to stay on track.

Breakfast is a boiled egg with siracha mayo and coffee.  Lunch is celery sticks that I use to eat the spinach and artichoke dip (from Aldi's) sliced block of swiss cheese (2 ounces) and tiny dry salami slices (also from Aldi).  When they are available, I will add a few fresh strawberries as well. Dinner will be whatever we have decided on, but I will not eat the carbs. 

For instance, last night we had grilled chicken, fettuccine sauce and noodles and steamed broccoli.  I substituted spaghetti squash for my noodles. It is definitely not the same as regular noodles but for now, it will be okay.

Here is to a better week than last week.  I was really struggling, but today is a new day!

Weight: -2.8%

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Highs and Lows

Gary the cat.

Yesterday I was a hot mess.  My emotions were getting the best of me, on the verge of crying most of
the day.  And when I wasn't almost crying I was trying to hold my tongue to keep the bitterness in.  I don't like feeling this way and I hope it does not last too long. Sigh:::

To keep my emotions in check, I kept busy during school and after work.  Dinner was spaghetti, salad and Cuban bread.  I made myself a salad with cut up ham and a boiled egg.  Still trying to keep it low carb.

After dinner, I put up a few more Halloween decorations in the front yard and packed up three items that sold on eBay.  Two of them are fragile and took more time to pack up.  I double boxed them and wrapped each item with extra bubble wrap.

Today, I am planning on visiting a friend after work.  She has been cleaning out her deceased mom's house and has a couple of boxes of stuff for me. I never say no to free stuff to list on eBay.  They are various collectibles of her mom's that she is not interested in keeping.   I am going to try to get them listed this weekend.

I have tracked my weight for the last two days and I have an increase of 0.9%!  That is not the way I want the scale to move!! Oh well, weight fluctuates daily so I won't let it knock me off track.  I tell ya, looking at myself in the video from the front doorbell is motivation to try my best to stay on track.  Good grief.

9/23 weight 0.9% increase  Steps 6,906 (2.4miles)
9/24 no change  Steps 6,456 (2.2 miles)

Sunday, September 22, 2019

There is Relief in Sight at Work

I love these trees located in Tomorrowland at WDW
Good news!  The school received an allotment for a permanent ESE Pre K Teacher Assistant.  Now...actually getting the person in the position will take some time.  The job posted yesterday, there will be interviews, and the new hire will have to go to orientation and all that entails, so maybe 3 to 4 weeks someone will be in place.  At least there is an end in sight.

The weather is changing just a bit in a good way.  Cooler weather is ours to enjoy this weekend.  The humidity is down and it is a pleasure to go outside for more than a second.

The weekend was super busy with the regular things to do.  Laundry, vacuuming, dusting and grocery shopping.  We spent $92 at Aldi's for groceries and $45 at Walmart on new shoes. There was a much needed Sunday nap and coffee on the porch in the afternoon.   After spending all that relaxing time on the front porch, we decided to go to the local BBQ restaurant for a quick dinner.  I know,  a full pantry after grocery shopping and we went out to eat.   Tomorrow is a new day.

I stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in a long time.  Since my son in law installed a video cam on our front porch doorbell.  Well after reviewing the videos of the activity on the front porch, (it is motion activated) and seeing myself... I was somewhat disturbed to see me and how chunky I have become.  Gah!  I have got to do better! So, I weighed myself this morning and will be working on reducing my weight by 5% increments.  I have had success with Keto eating in the past, so I will be starting Keto again tomorrow.  Decreasing weight is important, but so is decreasing size.  I will try not to focus on the numbers so much, but how I feel in my clothes.

Clothes are put up, eggs are steamed/boiled for next weeks lunches. Time to get ready for a new week.

How's the weather where you are?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday, but Friday is Coming!

 Work is survivable, the little ESE Pre-K kiddos are doing the best they can and so am I.  Once I get past the spitting, scratching, defiance, it's all good.  The kids have their issues, and some of their behavior is not their fault, our job is to help them make better decisions. Whew.. Luckily, it is only 45 min daily.  I definitely could not do the whole day.

I am hopeful they will find the funding to secure another full-time aide for that class and soon.  Only 29 more weeks of school left, I find great satisfaction in counting down the weeks.  Pretty soon, Christmas will be here before you know it.

My 5 gallon bucket garden has produced a zucchini. Zucchini leaves are really quite beautiful...when they are not destroyed by a garden pest.  I have searched the leaves or what is left of them for the culprit without success.  I may try one more pot/bucket for zucchini this weekend.

The weather is a bit cooler, highs in the 80's which is a vast improvement in previous weather temps of HIGH 90's with a heat index of low 100's.  It is just no fun to go outside when the heat is that high.  Not to mention the AC runs all the time.

We are trying to plan a trip to somewhere, Maybe DC?  I had a trip planned last year during Christmas break, reservations in place and I just could not do it.  Anxiety took over and we just stayed at the house.  I am not one to enjoy flying and the stress of it got the best of me. 

Tonight is open house at my grandson's school.  I will be tagging along with my daughter to visit his classroom.  Looking forward to it too.

Grandkids make everything better. 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Saturday Stuff

a baby green pepper 
It was another busy week at work full of schedule changes and miscommunication.  I was hired towork with VE kids grades K-3.  VE stands for varying exceptionabilities, with covers learning disabilities, ASD (autism spectrum disabilities) and a couple of other classifications.

 I am happy to work with kids in this age range and look forward to going to work everyday.  That is until my schedule was changed and now I have to cover PRE-K ESE three times a week during their special (PE, Art, Library, etc). 

This change will last until the student count in that class goes up and the school can hire another aide, or the count goes down and my help is no longer needed.  For the love of Pete,  I do not want to work with this age group, I was not hired to work with this age group, and I really dread the days I have to go in and help this class. 

I went in to see the Assistant Principal and let her know how I felt, and sent an email to my union rep, and looked on the school board openings to see what else was available.  What the Assistant Principal basically said, was too bad, so sad, but you will have to cover this class.  She said it much more professional and with tact, but at least she knows how I felt about it.  Our union rep said we did not have any recourse either as or official job description is very general.  Sheesh!  This change has wrecked my whole outlook on my job. 

I am hoping after this weekend I can move past it and let it go because if not, it will be a long school year.

So what else is new around here?  Not much.  We are watching the tropical storms in the Gulf as they develop and hope they leave us alone.  So far, so good. 

I have attempted to start growing vegetables in pots  (five-gallon buckets) in the backyard.  So far, I have two tomato plants, one determinate, one indeterminate, zucchini, two green pepper plants, and a yellow pepper plant.   There are no tomatoes yet, but I have two green peppers and one zucchini growing so far.  It is trial and error as this is our first time attempting to grow vegetables every. 

Time to get busy and get going.   Have a great Saturday!


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Watching and Waiting for Hurricane Dorian

We are watching and waiting for Dorian to make up his or her mind as to if it will turn north before it
hits Florida. It is a goliath of a storm, with the speed of a turtle and we are all hoping it will stay away from us.

The last hurricane that was here was hurricane Irma in 2017.  When it passed over our house, I was in the closet waiting it out.  We did not lose power which was a blessing.  It was a scary, loud and another slow moving storm.

Groceries are stocked, we have gas for the generator, and games if we lose cable and wifi.  If  Dorian stays on its projected path which keeps it off the coast of Florida, we should feel the effects by Tuesday.  Our schools are closed Tuesday and Wednesday and depending on the damage if any, we should be back to work by Thursday.  

Work is keeping me busy, I do stop by and read many of the blogs on my blogroll.  I have had little time to actually blog and I do miss it.  Maybe, later on, I can manage my time better and be more diligent with blogging.

I haven't had time to even balance my checkbook, and that is a shame.  I kinda know what is in our checking account, I look at the bank app daily.  Yeah, definite room for improvement in this area. Some things never change, do they?  Except during summer break!  I was on top of the checkbook and its balance every day.

I have a bunch of stuff to list for eBay and I hope to get much of that done on my extra days off this week.  Honestly, I am having a hard time getting things listed since I went back to work.  We do what we can!

List of things to get done over the next three days.

  • List on eBay
  • Organize eBay storage area
  • Prep burger and freeze for future meals
  • Prep Boiled Eggs
  • Clean up after storm passes
  • Balance checkbook
  • Straighten Up desk
  • Take a nap.