Friday, May 29, 2020

Today is a Better Day

Up until this morning, the days were hard to get through with the passing of our bulldog Princess.  I woke up feeling like the weight of grief had been lifted.  I am grateful for that and am content know that Princess is in a better place without pain and suffering.

Yesterday I went to a Covid-19 drive-thru testing center.  I wanted to get tested for the antibodies to see if I had them.  Today was the last day that this particular center was going to be open and the test is only $20. 

If you do end up having the antibodies it does not guarantee that you won't get  Covid-19, but if you do get it it may be a less significant case of it.  But who really knows?   

I was super sick in late February and I am curious if I had a case of Covid-19  or maybe it was just the flu. 

On the way back from the testing center, I passed by Goodwill.  They have been open since the 15th of this month, but I have only now had a chance to go.  They had arrows on the floor to promote proper direction in the aisles, and the announcements reminded everyone to practice social distancing.  I think everyone was cognizant of staying proper distances from everyone else and we all tried to pay attention to the arrows on the floor. 

There were a few fun finds that I feel pretty good about being able to flip on eBay.  After that, I took a ride to town about 20 minutes south to pick up a box of items that I found on FaceBook Market place.  It was a porch pick up, they left the items on their porch and I left the money under their front doormat.

Before I put the items in the back of my car, (both from Goodwill and the FB porch pickup) I spray them down with alcohol.  I keep a small spray bottle of alcohol in my car at all times.

 I use it on my self when I get back in my car from shopping, on my purse, and any purchases while they are in the bag before take-off for my next destination. Does it help?  I hope so.  I feel better when I use it.

My budgeting and saving have been ignored for the last couple of weeks.  We were busy taking care of Princess, running to different veterinarians, and mourning her passing.  Bills were paid on time, but that is about it.  The vet bills took a chunk out of savings, but it what it is.  I am grateful we had the cash to cover it. 

Time to get busy with a new day.  Enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Letting Go of Princess

The last two weeks have been filled with visits to the Veterinarian, Emergency Veterinarians, and Opthomologic Veterinarians. 

My Princess was sick and dying from mast cell cancer.  The cancer metastasized to her nasal cavity, blocking it and pushing her left eye back out of the socket. 

We kept her comfortable as possible as we researched options.  Unfortunately the location of the mass greatly limited any treatment plans for a full recovery. 

We made the decision last Friday to help her across the rainbow bridge.  Our vet came to the house and Princess crossed over pain free and surrounded by love.

The hole she left in our hearts is huge.  I miss her so much. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Busy, busy, busy

Last week was my week to work with the kiddos as they completed their daily school assignments.  Some days were longer than others, I think we are all glad that school is almost over.  Glad and a little bit sad. I really have enjoyed the time we have spent working on their distance learning.

Minivan Birthday parade!
Last Thursday was my oldest grandkiddo's birthday.  With the pandemic/social distancing, there is not too much that you can do to celebrate a special day.  His group of friends have all had birthdays these last few weeks and we have celebrated them all in a different way.  There was a chalking event at one little boy's house.  His mom arranged for all of his friends, teachers, whoever to stop by and chalk a Happy Birthday greeting on his driveway for him to see later that day.  Another mom arranged for friends to come over and shout Happy Birthday from the street to the birthday boy. 

For my grandson's birthday, there was a small parade of minivans that arranged to pass by our house with the vans decorated with balloons and posters.  It was awesome!

I had a great Mother's Day, all my kids came over for a surprise breakfast. One son bought over breakfast from our favorite donut shop and donuts of course.  It was so nice to have all the kids home at the same time even for just a couple of hours.  My heart was full. 

eBay has been keeping me busy for the last couple of weeks too.  Sales are pretty good and I almost have all my stuff that has been laying around listed.  I am hovering around 900 listings, and still trying to get to 1000.  If I can find more space to store inventory, I will definitely push past 1000 listings.

Time to hit the hay!  Hope you all are doing well!