Monday, August 10, 2020

A Busy, Busy Last Few Days

I have been devoting the majority of my time to loading up my eBay store with items.  There is a pile or two of items that still need to get listed and I have been working on whittling down the piles.  July was a slow month on eBay selling wise, but that does not mean I can just sit around.

We also celebrated my granddaughter's 7th birthday this weekend.  Her actual birthday was on Friday and she was thrilled with a coordinated birthday parade from parents of her friends.  Saturday was a BUSY day getting ready for her actual party.  My daughter rented a HUGE blow-up water slide for our backyard.  They arrived at 6:45 AM to set up the water slide so our day started early. 

After the water slide was set up, we were off and running to pick up drinks, chips, and the cake.  Since the weather was HOT and SUNNY, I went to Tractor Supply to buy a belt-driven 36in outdoor fan for the party.  It was not cheap but it was sure worth it when everyone was sitting outside under the metal area and the fan was pushing through the group. 

Sunday was my day to recover from the party and all the work of setting up and then putting things back after it was all over.   I took two naps.  They were awesome.

Physical therapy for my shoulder is going pretty good.  I go twice a week and still do the home exercises.  I go back the end of the month to see the ortho doc and I guess we will decide what if anything to do at the time.

I did repaint my front door from bright safety green to a nice calming shade of blue.   It was time for a change.  Funny, it has been almost one year since I painted the door the safety green color. Last week, I cleaned like company was coming too.  Deep cleaned the bathrooms, bedrooms, and living room.  Just in case the outside birthday party was rained out.  Luckily it was hot and sunny.

 We are headed out for early voting and then back to the house to stay cool.  I have eBay stuff to get cleaned up and start listing when we get back.   I also need to get some more storage boxes for said new listings.  Managing eBay inventory is a bit of a challenge.

How have you all been?  How's the weather where you are?