Friday, June 25, 2021

Fraud Friday

 Since our trip out west
earlier this month, my BOA credit card has been compromised three times.  Twice in South Dakota and once when we returned home.  I am waiting to receive my THIRD new credit card. 

Not that I mind at all the fraud is detected and quickly handled.  I don't. I greatly appreciate it! It is just so odd that this one credit card is under attack.  

We use credit cards to manage almost all of our daily purchases and bill paying, primarily for points that we can cash out later to either save or pay down more of the HELOC.

I attempted an online purchase last night and that is what triggered the latest fraud event. I am not even sure if the purchase went through or if we will receive the item. I will keep an eye on it. The above image is off the internet.  BOA actually closed my CC and I am not able to use it. 

I check my accounts DAILY using the Personal Capital platform app.  I can see the balances of each account ( savings, investing, and credit cards).  It is the second app I check in the morning after my eBay account.  I love waking up to overnight sales :-)

Have a fabulous Friday and don't forget to check all your accounts for fraud! 


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry this happened to you. It's such a pain to have to wait on a new card. Here's hoping that it won't happen again.

    I agree! Waking up to overnight sales is definitely fun. It sure is nice to make money while you sleep :)

    1. Thank you! It seems to be the norm lately. And yes, it is always a treat to make sales on eBay overnight!!

  2. Yikes! We have had this happen a couple of times, but were always warned by the bank.

    1. Surprisingly, the bank did not notify us right away. I always check out accounts daily.

  3. I hoep they weren't buying adult "toys" like the low lives that sold out cc info that one time. So aggravating, ain't it?
    One of my card companies is good about calling or emailing if they see something they feel is suspicious...the other not so much.

    1. It is definitely aggravating! Not sure what they were buying this time. When it happened while we were on vacation, they were spending THOUSANDS on cowboy hats. THOUSANDS.

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