Wednesday, June 16, 2021


 I have missed Two Transfer Tuesdays.  Oops.  We were on a family vacation and the posts I thought I scheduled to post did not. 

All for the best. The check from the VALIC account that should have already been here is somewhere but definitely not here. That was going to be a pretty big payment towards the HELOC.

I will regroup and get back to a regular Transfer Tuesday next week. 

Meanwhile, here are a few pics from out trip to South Dakota and Wyoming.  Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower and the Badlands were a few of the places we saw. 


  1. Not your fault that the ass clowns with the VALIC can't get their act together, right? lol
    Nice pics of the family at the iconic Western sites. Did you at least drive through Deadwood too?

    1. Yes! I have pictures lol! There is not much we did not do while in the Black Hills. I may need to do another post. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Really?? I had no idea. I love visiting the Black Hills! One of my favorite places.

  3. Commenting on your blog for the first time :)

    I love how you do your transfer Tuesday posts! Gives me inspiration to want to figure out ways to pay down our debt (which is mostly just the house and one car that will be paid off in 10 months). My SIL did a lot of selling on eBay. Not sure how much she does now but she would hit up garage sales, knew what to look for, bought them, then listed them, etc. I'm with you about going to estate sales. I rarely buy anything from them but I love to see the houses :)

    Beautiful pictures of Wyoming and South Dakota! When we lived in Montana, we visited Rapid City for a few days and had a great time seeing all that there was to do there. All states are uniquely pretty in their own way!


  4. Hi Betty, Thanks for stopping by! Montana is a beautiful state too, we passed through there 10 years ago. I am glad you enjoy Transfer Tuesdays, I do too. Keeps me accountable and the small payments add up over time.
    All credit goes to Mary at Pennies Not Perfection. I have been following her on YouTube for over a year.

    Have a great day!

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