Monday, October 25, 2021

Corn Maze, Decorating Halloween Houses and Pumpkin Carving

 Yesterday was a busy day. My son in law and took the grandkids to the local corn maze.  We were three hours early so to kill time we went to the local flea market in Mount Dora.  It has been years since either of us has been to this flea market.  It was fun, we were there early before it got too busy and walked all of the booths inside and out. 

We left the flea market and headed to the corn maze to check it out.  We were probably second in line to get tickets and one of the first families in the park.  The farm had a lot to offer and do.  Zipline for the kids, fishing, giant slides, a huge wooden fortress playground, and a bounce house.  

We picked the hardest Maze and headed in.  They give you a flag to raise if you need help finding your way out.  The corn was crazy high, and it was a well planned out maze.  We tried to use the theory to keep turning right to find our way out. That was not successful. At all. 

We walked and walked. We saw the same groups of people several times.  It took us about 35 minutes and 3000 steps but we eventually found our way out of the maze successfully and without help. 

The rest of our stay at the farm was watching the kids play on the fort playground, satisfying our thirst with Gatorade, and sitting in the shade.

After we left the farm, we hit up Publix to buy pumpkins for the kids to carve. They were too expensive at the farm. 

When we got home, I finished setting up for the Halloween House decorating and pumpkin carving.  The kiddos helped get the icing ready by adding gel colorings of their choice. 

The kids ate and decorated at the same time.  And the adults got in on the fun too.  Our neighbor asked if I was making graham cracker houses for Christmas lol.  Well, maybe!  

Today was a day of rest!   I did get two loads of clothes washed and the bed sheets washed with beds changed.  I also took a nap.  Yesterday was a long day lol. 

I also was able to get several eBay listings added and inventory put away in the correct spot. I am hoping to boost sales with more consistent listings.  We shall see. 

 How was your Monday?


  1. The flea market sounds like fun, Lisa. I love them about as much as I love yard sales. The corn maze sounds like fun too, and 3,000 steps is great! I’m washing my bed clothes today too. Sounds like you had a great Monday.

  2. I do love a good flea market!

  3. Sounds like you all had a great day! The corn maze looks fun! The farms around here are always packed, even if you go first thing in the morning.

  4. I don't know how I missed this post. It all sounds like fun.