Saturday, October 9, 2021

It's Was A Busy Week

photo credit Disney 
This week is my daughter's birthday week.  She is the youngest of my three and she is turned 37. We went
to Epcot on Monday, ate at Teppan Edo a restaurant in Japan. It's like an experience at Kobe restaurants, the chefs cook your order at your table. It was interesting and enjoyable.  

I had salmon and my daughter had Wagyu Beef as an add-on to her meal.  Neither of us has had Wagyu beef.  We have heard all the hype about how tender and delicious it was.  And, it truly was super tender, melting in your mouth almost.  My daughter picks the restaurants and picks up the tab when we go to the parks.  I am the designated driver as she hates to drive in Orlando traffic. 

The weather was hot, and the park was packed.  The Epcot food and wine festival and the new attraction Ratatouille was open.  We arrived at 11:00 AM, rode Soarin' the boat ride through The Land, and people watched until our reservations at 1:00.  We ate too much, and after lunch, we headed home.  That evening, I did not get much else done. 

Tuesday, I had the last of my twice-a-week Pilates class.  I will continue once a week for now, but twice a week is too expensive.  Well, once a week is still pricey, so we will see how long I can afford it.  In reality, we have a gym membership with classes... Anyway. 

I did move money on Transfer Tuesday but did not post it. Hoping to get it updated next week. I also picked up free packing material from a local veterinarian.  They have a home office about 3 miles from me and occasionally text me to pick up free bubble wrap.  I love it.  Recycling and saving money. 

 Wednesday, I had to run to Orlando to get a haircut and visit my sister-in-law.  She recently (one year ago) lost her grown daughter to a drug overdose.  We chatted for about an hour and overall it was a pleasant visit.  We made plans to play cards later this month so the brothers can reconnect. That is about two weeks away, and things can change.  Will keep you posted. 

Thursday, I cleaned the house (wash floors, clean bathrooms) and prepped dinner for my daughter.  She wanted Crockpot ravioli and that is what we had along with Italian bread and a salad.  She likes chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing from Publix.  After all that, we were all suffering from a carb coma lol. 

Yesterday, I hit up a couple of estate sales and found a few things, only spent about $7.  Now I need to get listing which is not nearly as fun as shopping.  I also had to pack up a couple of orders and drop them off at the Post Office.  

Today, Saturday I  just got back from a morning walk with Cricket.  It is a little cooler and walking is

more enjoyable. We saw two hawks this morning, one on the fence post and one on the corner of the second story house. They are magnificent. 

Not sure what we are going to do today.  There is always something to do, but I guess we will see how the day unfolds.  I always have eBay stuff to do, but maybe we will take a ride somewhere.  It is a nice day. 

Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. Do you have Disney passes? Seems like an experience to eat at Epcot, but wouldn't you have the park costs for such a short visit?

    1. Yes, we have the annual passes. We chose the weekday passes, and they run about $250ish for Florida residents. The prices are going up when we renew in December, so maybe $300 per person. We use the passes approx 2-3 times a month when we are not blacked out by Disney. The black out is typically the summer months, a week or two around Christmas and New Years. Also Spring break.

  2. Happy belated birthday to your daughter! Sounds like you both had a great time.

    I agree! Shopping is way more fun than cleaning items & photographing items. I don't mind listing though. I can list all day long. Just get someone to take the pics for me :)

    1. Yes! I agree with you about taking the pictures. Tedious, isn't it?