Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sunday Stuff and the Season

Every ornament I own is on this 3 ft tree.  lol. 
 The holidays tend to scratch that itch that is depression.  Why is that?  Memories of past Christmases when loved ones were still here and the kids were little?  Maybe.  Or is it the drudgery of getting through another Christmas making sure that it is enjoyable for everyone? Maybe that too. 

The decorations are up, I think all the presents are bought, and Christmas Eve lunch is planned. Now what? Certainly, there are underlying issues that need to be brought to light.  It could be the holiday blues so it is best to wait on that until the New Year.  

Yesterday I dropped off eBay packages at the Post Office, hit up a local Thrift Store, and then went to Target.  Target was busy, they actually had more than 2 cashiers working, at least 10  were ringing up customers which was nice. 

I made chicken and dumplings last night, and magic cookie bars.  Talk about a carb coma evening.  The hubs loves chicken and dumplings, he ate two bowls and took a bowl to work today.  It's not on our regular rotation as far as regular meals, but when he asks for it, I will make it. 

Have you watched "Dopesick" on Hulu? It stars Michael Keaton as a small-town doctor in the Appalachian mountains and the introduction of Oxycontin to the nation as a "non-addictive "pain reliever. It is a fascinating look into the all-encompassing addiction process associated with Oxycontin.  I definitely recommend it.  

Today will be catching up with all the clean clothes that need to be put away, listing a few things on eBay, packing up a few things that sold and hitting up Goodwill and see what we can find for color of the day deals. 

Enjoy your Sunday and find your joy!


  1. That show sounds interesting and sad. I too get some if the blues this time if year. I realized this is likeky the last if my kids Christmas concerts I'll ever see. Maybe with grandchildren some day. I try to just enjoy what I can.

    1. It is a great show. I had no idea what Oxy was doing to the country. The marketing of the big Pharma was brilliant but horriffic in that it was brilliant.

      Yes, I am going to make the best of the season, I need to stop living in the past lol. Enjoy the concert!!