Saturday, November 25, 2023

Saturday Check In

Thanksgiving did not go as planned. We were invited to our daughter's in-laws for a Turkey feast and I was really looking forward to it. About 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave, my stomach was not feeling great, and decided that I had to stay home. 

 I encouraged my husband to go on without me, but he declined.  He stayed home and ate a turkey 
sandwich.  Luckily, my inlaws sent over food with my daughter for us.  My husband was able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal and I made myself some plain spaghetti with butter.  That was about all my stomach could handle. 

The rest of the evening was uneventful with regard to my stomach issues, but I really did not tempt the fates by eating anything else. 

Black Friday came and went.  I did order a new comforter from Belk to take advantage of the Black Friday pricing, but I did not venture out into the shopping chaos. Most gifts have been bought already and the rest of the gifts will be gift cards or cash. 

I did venture out to the local thrift store to drop off items, but one was closed and one was not accepting donations after noon.  This was one of the few occasions that I did not need to go to the grocery store for something.  Leading up to Thanksgiving I felt like I was at the store every day! I was finishing up an Ibotta deal and then I got hooked on Ibotta and felt like I had to get more "deals".  Vicious circle lol. 

My stomach is better but not 100%.  I hope that today (Saturday) there will be a vast improvement.  
Regardless, I will try to get a few things done.  When I go back to the thrift store to drop off items, I will probably go in and see what they have.  I am looking for craft stamps, and sometimes you can find them in the bags they hang on the wall. 

  • Morning walk
  • Drop off items at the thrift store
  • Finish putting up Christmas decorations
  • Decide what is for dinner
  • Vacuum and dust master bedroom
  • Work on decluttering the computer room
  • Continue to pull together estate papers.  
The weather is cool but with that, we are not seeing the sun as it is overcast and gloomy.  I am okay with that as it will help the electric bill.  This morning it is 56 degrees with a high of 74 degrees. 

How is the weather where you are? Did you go out and shop Black Friday deals?


  1. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well - that's no fun. Hope your stomach feels better today. The weather is supposed to be about 65 today, with a low of 40. Sunny and clear. Nick has soccer practice this morning, so it will be chilly but generally nice for his practice. At least there will be no rain!

    We went to Target yesterday, but just to pick up a few things we needed - nothing that was BF related. I did swing into Rite Aid & picked up the Home Depot gift cards that generated a reward. We always need things from Home Depot.

    1. Your weather sounds perfect! Nice job on getting the rewards for the Home Depot gift cards. We are always at The Home Depot or Lowes for SOMETHING for the house. We only have CVS or Walgreens, no Rite-Aids. At least not near us. I may have to do more research on that lol.

  2. Sorry your stomach torpedoed your Turkey Day plans. Our bodies have a way of doing that as we age. lol
    The only place I went on BF was Kroger for some deals and it was a ghost town. I figured it would be less hassle than Walmart on BF.
    I agree that Ibotta can be a vicious cycle. You have to be vigilant with it and not talk yourself into buying stuff just for the rebates. 8-)

    We have similar weather to you here in Louisiana. It was 66F yesterday with lows in the mid 40's. Going to be a little cooler today which is unusual.

    1. Ibotta can be addictive lol. Gotta do better in the future. We have home delivery Kroger but no actual grocery stores, just the warehouse. It would be nice to have a Krogers, as we are surrounded by Publix's.

  3. It is the lower 50s here today in Alabama. This is the start of weather I don't like! I got a coupon from Walgreen's that was ONLY for BF. So, we went and I bought Nature Made supplements for the $10 or $15 reward. That is the only thing that induced me out. I bought nothing online, I think.

  4. Good job on the Walgreens Reward! I will be fininshing up my online shopping today. HOpefully. I was talking to my husband the other day about how cold it can get in Alabama. He was stationed at Fort Mcclellan and I visited him at Thanksgiving and Christmas. COLD was putting it mildly.