Monday, April 2, 2018

March 2018 Goals Update

Here is a recap of how I did with my March Goals.  For me, having a list to refer back to was very helpful and motivating.

Tracking eating out and grocery shopping is a bit time consuming, but I want to get a grip on the spending. By keeping track, I am more likely to spend less, which is always a good thing.

Overall, it is a good process for accountability.

Specific goals for March: 

1.  Schedule appointment with the accountant to prepare taxes. Done!
2.  Restore joint savings account to $1000.Almost, $775 but it is going for new tires for the truck.
3.  Track grocery spending Yes!  This was successful, Recap is here. 
4.  Track eating out spending Yes, this was successful too. 
5.  Get in 10,000 steps daily Eh, nope not every day. 
6.  Review anatomy and pathology for interview daily.  This is off the table.
7.  Entertain friends one evening, pizza, and cards maybe.... (kinda out of my comfort zone) Nope.
8.  Read "Jesus Calling" and Bible verses associated with daily reading. Most every day, but room for improvement.

I am working on April's goals and will post that soon.   


  1. Tracking spending-grocery and eating out-is HUGE.
    And funding the savings account, even if you had a truck tire emergency, at least you have the $ for it!
    I'd call it a win too.

    1. Tracking has definitely made the difference!