Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Truck Maintenance

Truck Maintenance is no joke.  We have spent almost $700 on tires, $225 on brakes and now an additional $50 for oil ( he insists on synthetic oil) and filter.  

The savings account is officially dried up.  Poof!   The correct tires have been ordered and should be here tomorrow evening.  I will be glad when this truck stuff is done.  Note to self, I need to figure out how to get sinking funds started for next year. 

When the tires are installed this week, I will slide the remaining funds from savings to the CC.  We are looking at a zero interest card to put the remainder of the CC balance on to.  One with zero transfer fees.  

Making it on one check may be too much to hope for.  I have been looking for part-time employment for the last month, but I may have to up my game and really start hustling for a full-time gig. 

I am actively applying for a state/county job as I am already vested in the state retirement plan and any additional time worked will increase my retirement payout.  I have the minimum time in now, and I worked in the school system as an aide so very little payout at age 62.  Only about $92 bucks a year.  But with more time in at a better paying position,  the monthly payouts will improve. 

Yesterday was a wash.  It rained ALL day and we were stuck indoors.  I had plans to go to Disney with an animal shelter friend, but the weather botched those plans.   Today, back to normal.  Get out and walk for an hour, and come back and continue to clean and organize.   I am pretty sure I can find more stuff to take to the Thrift Store if I look hard enough. 

The hubs is off the rest of the week.  He has projects both here ( more baseboards to finish up) and at church.  He is the unofficial maintenance guy at church and takes care of the AC's, electrical and whatever else they need.  The church is old and needs lots of attention.

I have been going through my mom's old photo albums.  She had tons of them.  I just love the old pictures, but keeping all of them is not something I need to do.  So, I have been posting some of them that have pics of my cousins, Aunts,
My mom holding my cousin Denise
and Uncles ( I have probably 60 first cousins on moms side) on my family FaceBook page to see if any family members want some of them. That has been fun, posting the pics and reading the memories that other cousins post.

 I have cousins that are as old as my mom would have been, I am next to the youngest first cousin.  Anyway, the older cousins have great memories they share and I do find it fascinating to read their posts about the pictures.   This picture is of my mom standing in front of my Uncle's police car, holding my cousin Denise, at their family farm in Wisconsin.   

Do you have vintage family photos?  Do you display them or keep them in albums? 


  1. Some are displayed. Some are just stuffed in boxes. I love my old pictures of my mother's family.

    1. I am removing old photos from albums that are falling apart. If I can pass them on to relevant family members/cousins, ( the pictures are of their parents, etc) then I will do that. The ones of my parents, I will see which ones my kids want and stuff the rest in a box.

  2. Where is the sunny South do you live? I am in AL.

  3. I keep pictures of my parents out from their wedding(50years ago) and when they were both kids. My son looks like my Dad so I like to look at pictures of them both when they were little.
    Good luck with the truck. My husband insists on the synthetic oil too.

    1. I have a few photos out of my parents, but there are tons more to go through.

      Men and synthetic oil, what gives about that?? lol

      Thanks for stopping by!