Wednesday, July 7, 2021

CASHING OUT REWARDS: Credit Cards ~Get Upside~Ibotta

Today I did a few money moves with our rewards cards at BOA. The credit cards we currently have at BOA allow you to select certain categories for Rewards. 

My card I have Online Shopping 3%, Grocery 2% and all other purchases 1%

My husband's card is currently set to Gas 3%, Grocery 2% and all purchases 1%

I redeemed $44.20 from my card and $66.78 from my husband's card. 

We also use GetUpside an app that you can use to get cashback from gas purchases and some food purchases. Today we are redeeming $72.55  We have not used it for food purchases, but we use it for gas purchases.  Typically we will get 4-14 cents back per gallon of gas purchased. 

It's easy to use.  Open the app, find a gas station near you and select it.  You will have to preselect the grade of gas you are going to get. SAVE your receipt and scan it in when done.  Similar to the FETCH app. 

  Each grade will get a different amount in rebates.  The higher the grade, the higher the potential rebate.  If you refer a friend, you will get a penny for each gallon that they use when activating the app.  My son uses the app for his vehicle and his work vehicle.  He earns a substantial amount for one person being able to use two vehicles.  

The last redemption is for Ibotta.  I need to up my Ibotta game!  I was able to cash out $21.20

Total amount redeemed today:  $204.73

Total for the 2021 Redeemed $442.72


  1. I find that ibotta is only for foods I would never buy so why use it for rewards. I will use it for things I do buy but those are few and far between. Gas however is another story.

    1. I find the same for me on Ibotta. It is a hit or miss. Usually for pet suppies, but really hard to make it add up to be able to cash it out. The gas app has been pretty good for us. Its a bit of extra work, but when you can pull out 75 bucks it does seem worth it.

  2. Very nice. I might have to get another CC, because mine only earns 1% on everything. I've had this card for years though.

    1. I have had a Marriott Rewards for YEARS. It is only beneficial when we want to travel. We like Marriott. Bank of America has reward catagories you can select. Just have to remember whose card is for what. I recently added Discover card to our wallet. They offer 5% per quarter for different catagories. After your first year they match your rewards savings. And no membership fee. That is a whole new post lol.

  3. Nice work. We have the Costco visa, and Costco is our primary grocery store, so we always get a nice amount back. We booked our recent vacation via Costco as well, which earns even more back.

    I use Fetch & iBotta. I rarely buy anything on Fetch that offers any substantial rewards, but don't mind clicking the receipts. iBotta is a bit hit or miss & I do check it out when I need to buy something. Today, I needed mayo. They had a $1 off for a specific brand. When factoring that in, it made the mayo cheaper than generic. (Generic mayo is one of the few things I won't buy - gotta have a name brand.) I also like the offers for strawberries & such that they've had lately.

  4. I click the receipts with Fetch and Ibotta is not always a winner for me. We are creatures of habit and tend to buy the same stuff. And I agree on the Mayo!! Name brand definitely!!

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