Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Furniture Update: We Took The Plunge


Trying to decide on furniture is HARD. 

 Last weekend we went to Lazy Boy and Broyhill to look at couches and chairs to update our living room furniture.

I did find a couch that I liked (here are pics of the couch) and was going to get custom cover for it.  Like, I was all in to spend a crap ton of money. 

That tends to happen, I will get caught up in the moment and spontaneously do something that can turn out to be very fricking expensive. 

I did not make the purchase at that time.  I wisely decided to think about it for a few days. 

Thursday of last week, I was at my favorite thrift store checking out what they had.  The sign outside said it was 50% off of furniture so I decided to go over to the furniture side and check out what they had.  Sitting in the back corner was this couch (pic above) It was very similar to the one I was looking at when we were at Broyhill.  

After sitting on it and flipping the cushions I saw the BROYHILL tag. It was in great shape, with no stains, no odors and it was comfortable!   Most of the furniture in the store is priced, this was not.  That made nervous, I thought is was already sold.  I checked with the clerk and it was still available!  

And the price was $200!  And it was half-price day so it was $100!!  SOLD!!    

Just beyond the couch was this line of recliners.  After checking the handles of the first two, (the one with the pillow and the one next to it) Surprise!  They were both Lazy Boy rocker recliners. 

The first one is large and will fit my 6'5" husband and the middle one is just like the one I already have in our TV room.   And you know it was half-price day, so I bought these too!  For both chairs, I paid $61.00!! 

Yes, they are used, but still have a lot of life in them.  The "new" used furniture will be perfect for us.  We still have pets and we don't need to stress when the grand kiddos come over and want to eat in the living room.

We picked them up that day, saving $75 in delivery charges and I steam cleaned them before we put them in the living room. 

It is such a relief to not have to spend a bucket of money on furniture and this set will last a few more years.  And it it falls apart in 6 months, we really are not out that much money. 


  1. You've got a good bargain there, and such a big saving instead of buying new furntiture.

    1. Thanks! Eventually we will upgrade, but for now this will work. New furniture is such a financial commitment!

  2. Hey I am loving that! Plus it will be easy to decorate around!

  3. That was a good bargain. I wish I could find a similar deal. I don't like all the poufy stuff around my head and shoulders. I am 5'7" so I am just overwhelmed in huge recliners or poufy, over-stuffed ones. The thrift stores I have been in have not had a good selection.

    1. Thanks! We definitely got lucky with this find.

  4. What a fantastic deal on the furniture! And in the brand you wanted too. Doesn't it feel good when things work out in your favor?

    1. It really does! I love the couch and am so gratful that we did not have to spend tons of money.