Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday: Furniture Shopping, Another Vaccine, Mammogram

Our favorite couch 
 Sunday Recap.  Yesterday afternoon we went shopping for new living room furniture. 

Our first stop
was Lazy Boy to check out their recliners and couches.  When we walked in the salesperson that greeted us asked if we had been to this store in the past.  In fact, we were here last year to pick a recliner for me to use after rotator cuff surgery.

We gave the name of the salesperson and he was in the store finishing up a transaction.  Meanwhile, we strolled around the store checking out the couches for me, and recliners for my husband. We were just looking, so there was no hurry to have our salesperson check in on us. 

I think we waited about 30 minutes and during that time we pretty much checked out all the couches and recliners.  The couches were okay but not comfortable.  Most are a standard size and as a shorter person (5'2") they don't fit me appropriately.  When sitting in the majority of these couches, my feet don't touch the ground. 

One of the swatches I liked 

Our salesperson breezed by and checked in with my husband, but I guess he was still busy with his previous client.  We did find a recliner for my husband, but the couch shopping journey will have to continue.  So we decided to go across the street to check out BroyHill. 

We tried out a million couches at Broyhill, and narrowed it down to two.  Then it got complicated. One of the couch were able to be customized with the seating depth, cushion comfort, couch arms, three cushion or two cushions and then the saleslady bought out the color swatches.

It was then I was becoming overwhelmed and broke out in a sweat. It may be hot flash related or stress related. Anyway, I was done and had to leave.  We did not buy a couch and if we did, it would have been extremely expensive.  Glad I walked away. 

Another pattern that we liked. 

I need to regroup and start the shopping process again.  It's not often that I will say I miss my mother, but when I need decorating assistance, I do miss her input for that.  She had style.  

Today is  my annual mammogram day, I already had it done this morning and the results were available online in an a couple of hours.  The results were negative.  Praise the Lord! 

After my mammogram, I passed by CVS to use a 40% off coupon on shampoo body wash for my husband.  While I was there I checked the Minute Clinic for availability for a Shingles vaccine.  Low and behold, they said I could come on back and get the first Shingles vaccine. 

Now I can check that off my list.  I signed up for the second shot in November.  I still need to work on a flu shot and a pneumonia vaccine before the end of the ear.  My primary doc gave me a list, and don't you know I have waited until the last minute.  I have an appt with him next Monday, but I pushed it to next month. Oh well lol. 

I still need to get a couple of eBay listings up.  I keep about 10-15 in drafts and typically send 2-3 live daily.  Not going to lie, I have not really been in the eBay mood lately. I have been in the purging stuff I no longer need mood.  I have cleaned closets and dresser drawers part of the weekend and that always feels good. 

Dinner is crockpot lasagna ravioli I use the frozen ravioli that are currently BOGO at Publix this week.  Super easy and delicious.  I picked up 4 bags this weekend and my have to go back and get a couple more. 

Hope your Monday is fantastic. 


  1. I thin k you will get tired of the bright blue, I would go more neutral.Furniture shopping makes me crazy.

    1. Furniture shopping is the devil! So hard to make a decision.

  2. Blessings from Kansas. Shopping for furniture is difficult for me like looking at eye glasses frames for new glasses. Taking it slow helps me. Hope it all works out for you.

    1. Hi Deanna, Furniture shopping is the worse. Baby steps for sure.

  3. I like the blue (it's my favorite color), but I agree with Kim. Go neutral and you can always add different colored throw pillows. You can switch up the colors & design of the throw pillows any time you want.

    1. The blue pattern is so pretty!! lol. I will probably go back with a neutral color again. Maybe. lol.