Sunday, September 19, 2021

Weekend Grocery Shopping

 I did a little grocery shopping this weekend.  Winn Dixie had a weekend special on Tide Pods 20 ct at
BOGO for $7.99. Let me back up a bit, the ad for Winn Dixie hit our driveway on Wednesday in a newspaper flyer.  

Most of the time the BOGO's are for items I don't really need or use.  But there is that rare occasion that I get excited about BOGO and the Tide BOGO was one of them. 

 I googled  TIDE coupons available from a coupon cutting service and found a set of 10  ($2.00 off 30 ct or lower )for sale for $4.49 free shipping.  Paid for the coupons on Wednesday and they were here on Friday. 

I headed out to Winn Dixie on Saturday and used all 10 of $2.00 coupons and ended up spending $22.75 for 10 bags of twenty pod count bags of Tide. 

After factoring in the cost of the coupons, each bag of the Tide pods cost me $2.72 (tax included). I saved 66% on each bag. 

I am not a diligent couponer, but when I can find items that we will actually use I will make it a point to seek out coupons online or from a coupon service and stock up. I think these Tide pods will last us a couple of years. But for reference, I dated them with the date I bought them and will be able to see how long they will actually last us. 

I also hit up Aldi and Publix today for a few odds and ends.  Nothing earth-shattering with regards to couponing. The usual items, salad fixings, butter, and my husband likes their protein shake powder. 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!



  1. Awesome score Lisa! I rarely buy the Sunday paper anymore. I just use the coupon mailer we get every week & digitals.

    1. Thanks! I don't buy the Sunday paper either. I will probably continue to use a coupon cutting service to SNIPE deals that I will use. And digitals. Those are always good too!