Monday, May 30, 2022

Long Memorial Day Weekend Review 2022

Saturday:  Walking the dog, dodging raindrops, and figuring out what to do today.  I will be listing items on eBay and it has been a while since I have felt like listing.  I like the ability to bring in a little side income with a few sales here and there.  The generator is online.  A loose connection was the issue.   Thank goodness that is resolved. 

The first half of this year I was NOT into eBay at all.  Listing and shipping seemed like pure drudgery. So I did the next easiest thing.  I would go into my live listings, END 20 listings a day, and then SELL SIMILAR of the same 20 listings.  This was my way of tricking the algorithm (if that is even possible) into thinking that I was adding NEW listings daily. 

It did work and I did generate sales.  Nothing spectacular, but enough to keep things going. Then I did not even do the minimum of ENDING listings and SELLING SIMILAR. I got lazy and there may have been an extended episode of depression. I did see my family doc and he did start me on a mild antidepressant.  I had a reaction, lips swelling, eyelids swelling.  This was remedied with Benedryl.  We tried a new antidepressant and that has been working out just fine. 

Sunday:  Church and then a quick trip to Lowe's to rescue some marked-down perennials.  I do love the mark-down rack at Lowes.  Then I headed over to Goodwill.  They had just opened and I was able to beat the crowds from late church.  I did get a few cute things to flip.  

Rack of mark-down plants.  There were 
five racks of plants to choose from. 
We were supposed to go to Leesburg and check out Rural King ( similar to a Tractor Supply) and bump around up there for a couple of hours.  No sooner than I finished lunch than my stomach kicked in with something that was not agreeable.  

I was in bed for a couple of hours with a heating pad.  Luckily it subsided and I could get up and function. I am rehydrating the rescue plants, mostly Lantana.  It can take the Florida heat and the small flowers will attract butterflies and bees. 

For better or worse, I saw on TikTok where a gardener would put an egg (in its shell) in the hole before adding the plant.  I thought, why not?  I will plant them tomorrow morning before the heat kicks in. 

Monday:  It was yard workday.  I mowed and hubs did the edging and blowing off the driveway. We had an early start to try to beat the heat.  It took us about 1 1/2 hrs to finish everything.  

Afterward, we had a bit of lunch and then jumped in the pool to cool off.  We spent about an hour in the water, it's still very cool, almost too cool to enjoy.   

Cricket got her weekly bath, and clothes were washed and dried.  They may get put up today, maybe. Dinner is canned salmon patties in the air fryer with brown rice and broccoli. 

Half of the plants did get planted, will try to get the rest in the ground tomorrow. I think I have enough plants for now and I probably don't need to go back to Lowes anymore.  

Hope your Memorial Day was relaxing and fun-filled. 

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