Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Tuesday with Endodontist

Tuesday morning chores included watering the front bed that is being filled with the rescue plants from
The crows before the mockingbirds showed up

Lowes.  They are perennial and will hopefully come back year after year. I was only able to plant one plant in the bed, and I still have at least 5 more rescue plants to place in our yard. 

I fed the crows their morning peanuts. The mockingbirds are here as well and they are antagonizing the crows. I suspect that there are mockingbird nests in our trees and they are protecting their babies.  

The mockingbirds are determined and fierce. Divebombing and chasing the crows, but the crows are standing their ground.

I scrubbed and washed out the trash cans.  They were full of flies from rotten freezer meat that I had thrown out when both fridges died. We are so grateful that the trash was picked up today and that we did not have to wait until next week. That would have been awful.  

I have 5 eBay orders to pack up and I am committed to listing at least 4 items a day to keep the eBay algorithm happy.  So far so good,

The endodontist appt was a follow-up to a root canal on a tooth that had a crown but was severely infected.  The endo did the root canal two weeks ago but said I had to return for an apical surgery procedure.  

The infection needed to be cleaned out through the gum.  Anxiety was high but this guy is so darn good!  He is quick and effective.  The procedure took about 15 min and I go back in a week to have the sutures removed. I am so happy that this tooth will be saved.  Fingers crossed. 

Dinner was crockpot ravioli. Easy and tastes pretty good.  When I buy hamburger, I brown up a couple pounds and freeze it in smaller quantities.  This way I can defrost what I need quickly prepare a meal.  I pick up the frozen ravioli when it is BOGO at Publix.  

We are starting a new project.  Remodeling our master bathroom.  This project was initiated about a month and a half ago.  It was interrupted by the repipe of the whole house due to a home inspection to get new homeowners insurance.  We just had the repipe inspected by the county, and now we can move forward on the bathroom remodel.   Do you see all that money just flying out the door? Repipe, new fridge, and bathroom remodel. Well, it could always be worse! 


  1. We desperately need to remodel our master bathroom. It was adapted to be walker/wheel chair friendly, which makes it almost unusable (no doors on shower/no tub, just a giant open space). We haven't pulled the trigger yet, as we remodeled our kitchen last year & it was so much work!

    Glad to hear the dental appointment was easier than expected.

    1. I totally understand about kitchen remodels! We did that 4 yrs ago and it was a lot work, and money lol. You really have to gear up for a remodel of any kind!

  2. Yikes dental work is so expensive, I feel for you!

    1. Insurance covered some, but I am waiting on the final bill. I bet it will be something else!

  3. Flies hate Clorox. Just spraying the meat container inside with Clorox would have kept them at bay. I had a trash can of meat from a freezer, too. It is so yuck.