Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Nasty Summer Cold

Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday were a complete loss due to a nasty summer cold/sinus infection?  that snuck up on me.  Fever for two days and recovery for two days, and a lot of naps in between.  I tend to suspect it may have been triggered by the gum surgery to remove an infection from a tooth that had a recent root canal.  Maybe the infection traveled to the sinuses, (the gum surgery was on an upper tooth)  But, who knows? 

 Today there is no fever and I am actually able to get a few things done.  Cricket had her walk before it gets too hot and the crows were fed and their birdbath was cleaned and refilled. You know when you are sick, not much if any housework gets done.  So there are sheets to wash, clothes to put up, and floors to vacuum. 

The rest of the day was packing up a couple of eBay orders.  The first order was a vintage webbed beach chair.  I picked it up for $2 and it sold for $54 plus shipping.  There were also a couple of smaller orders, that were much easier to pack.  


I did get to Target to pick up a couple flats of their eggs.  There are 30 eggs per flat, and typically they cost $2.89 a flat.  The price has almost doubled to $5.89, no surprise. We are big fans of boiled eggs as snacks and go through a lot of eggs.  I also picked up a watermelon for $5.89 and some bananas.  As a way to add more protein in our diet, I decided to try Target's brand of protein waffles.  Will keep you posted. 

Today I get the stitches in my gum removed. I will be so glad when this is over. That is later on this afternoon. Before that, I have a few rescued plants from Lowe's to plant and a bit of watermelon rind to plop into the compost bin.  

Hope your Tuesday is grand!


  1. Oh no. I'm sorry to hear that you were sick. Glad it didn't last long. I just got back from the dentist too. I hate the dentist!!! I went for a filling & it was not a pleasant experience. My mouth is still numb after more than an hour. Please do let us know about the protein waffles. I normally just have a greek yogurt and chicken to help get my protein fill.

    1. I will definitely let you know about the protein waffles! We are excited to try them too! I dread going to the dentist, but I really LIKE my dentist. He puts up with me and that is saying a lot lol