Sunday, July 10, 2022

Doves, Rocks, Another MRI

baby dove 2022
The momma dove has left the metal barn, but one of her babies is still hanging out in the nest.  The baby comes and goes, but for the most part, is still staying close to home.  The ladder is a favorite place for the momma dove to hatch her babies.  In fact, this is the third year for baby doves. 

Baby dove is content to hang out even when hubs is welding, drilling, and making a general racket out there.  Maybe it is both baby doves sharing the nest, but how could we tell?  They all look like doves. 

The landscape rock for the front bed has been moved from the back bed by the pool. When we first picked out the big river rocks, I loved it.  Now, I regret buying it and putting it around the pool deck. I cannot tell you how much we bought, but it was a lot! 

It probably took me a couple of weeks loading up 4 wheelbarrows full of rock to complete the one bed.  I would get out and start shoveling right when the sun came up to make the best use of the cooler mornings.
Rain lillies 


There is still another bed in the front of the house to fill up with rocks, but first I will need to transplant all the rain lilies from that bed to another bed that does not yet exist. That is another job in itself, first to figure out where to dig another bed and then to actually get to digging. It does not sound appealing in this current hot month of July.

Hubs is scheduled to see a pain management doctor at the end of the month. That is the soonest he can get in, and once he sees him he can apply for short-term disability depending on what the treatment will be and for how long. 

He is also scheduled for a prostate MRI as his PSA is high and the urologist is wanting to see what is going on.  That will take place in early August.  I am not sure why this MRI has a longer scheduling window as opposed to the Lumbar MRI he had to have.  That only was scheduled out less than a week.  Another MRI, another $500 for that scan. 

Front bed #2
He has top-tier insurance with the same hospital that is doing all the scans and we still have a high out-of-pocket for scans. I suppose if I pulled out the paperwork that he gets every year when renewing his insurance selection, it would state the costs associated with diagnostic exams. 

Today is Sunday, so nothing much will be accomplished.  Maybe a nap, and a little bit of Netflix.  

Tomorrow, Monday, I will be back to the gym early in the AM and then more tasks to complete around the house. I make a list in the notes section of my phone of the things I want to get accomplished for the day.  That has been super helpful to keep me on track and at the end of the day, I feel like I did not waste the day. 

Do you have a daily list of things to accomplish?  Is it written down or do you use your phone?   


  1. My list is on paper. I love the doves and how they come back. I don't know where our doves have gone. I still hear them so they must have found a better place nearby.

    1. I enjoy the doves, crows and occasional hawk that visits. I have pics of the hawk on our birdbath and will share in a future post.