Monday, July 11, 2022

Weekly Menu and a Daily List

Here is a list of possible meals for us this week.  The meals can switch days but this will help me stay accountable and hopefully out of the grocery stores for random shopping which is so easy to do. 

Except I still want to make freezer jam as Publix has strawberries on sale for $.99 cents per 16oz and I will need
sugar and SurGel. I do have the jars, so there is that.  That is all I did pick up.  Spent $13.05 on 5 packs of strawberries, Certo and sugar. 

 Monday: eggs, air fried potatoes sausage patties

Tuesday: Grilled chicken breast, salad with fixins

Wednesday: Crock Pot Ravoli

Thursday: Soup and sandwich Hot dogs and tater tots instead

Friday: Pulled Pork and tater tots Chick Fil A 

Saturday: Turkey ( I have a whole frozen turkey to defrost and do something with) 

Sunday: Frozen Pizza ( on sale at Publix which I still need to pick up before the ad changes. )

I do better when I write things down and then have something to refer to later on and I can change this menu up If I find something hiding in the freezer. 

Today my to-do list includes going to the 

  • gym
  • planting garlic ( cloves that have started to sprout)
  • paying bills
  • cleaning a rolling shelf rack in the garage
  • listing at least three things on eBay
  • make strawberry freezer jam (will let you know how it goes lol)
  • wash and put up clothes
  • vitamins
  • give dog a bath 
I will also be picking up my granddaughter from her gymnastics camp. That is always a pleasure, she is the apple of our eye.

Hope your Monday is fabulous!


  1. I wish my Publix had strawberries at that price! I have the sugar and sure jell.

    1. Maybe thie will run a sale next cycle. Hope so!

    2. I think tonight will just be goulash or a crockpot pasta. I made a plan, but it's all over the place now.

    3. I understand! I give myself (and you!) points for intention even if it does not always come to fruition. We try our best.