Friday, November 17, 2023

Friday Check In

 It has been an absolutely dreary week with endless rain and no sun.  There is a tropical depression that has invaded South Florida and we are reaping the after effects of that storm.  Hurricane season is ending with a bang, that's for sure. 

For the last week, I have successfully walked at least a mile every day, even in the rain lol.  It has been good for me physically and mentally. While walking, I plan my day and come up with a mental to do list.  The challenge is to remember what I came up with and get it done. 

I write down what I can recall and try to get most of that done through out the day.  Today on the list is:

  • Order the last of the Christmas gifts from Amazon
  • Order new curtains from WalMart.  ( I will pay the shipping, I do not want to GO to WalMart at all)
  • Organize Estate documents. ( This is ongoing and I try to do a little every day or so)
  • Start wrapping the few gifts that have arrived.
  • Work on my desk and clean out a spot for me.   Started it.
  • Figure out what is for dinner tonight
  • Plan what is for dinner for the next few nights
  • Finish up Christmas decorating inside the house
  • Vacuum and wash floor in TV room. ( I like to just deep clean one room at a time)
I may run to the Thrift Store and see what they have.  Last month I closed down my eBay store and have had a couple of resellers come over and buy what they want.  I am done with reselling and all that it involves. 

But, I still like to go to the thrift store and look around.  :-)

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I have a little notes app on my phone, and also often think of to do lists when I'm working out. I try to jot down the items as I think of them, as I'm otherwise very likely to forget by the time I get home!

  2. I use my NOTES app all the time lol. When I am at a dr appt, it is very helpful. Thanks for your comment.