Sunday, November 19, 2023

What Are You Doing for Thanksgiving?

This Thanksgiving we are invited to my daughter's inlaws home.  I love that I don't have to cook a big meal and am only required to bring a dessert ( or whatever else is needed).  The days of prepping a huge Thanksgiving dinner for 17 to 20 people are done for me.  I look back when I did do the big meal thing and it was at a time when I was working full time and commuting an hour daily round trip. What was I thinking lol? 

My children are grown and in their 40's.  You would think I could go to their house for Thanksgiving.  My daughter does not cook.  She always said since she was a little girl that she never wanted to cook and that she would find a man who would cook.  And that she did.  

My middle son does have a BIG neighborhood Thanksgiving dinner celebration.  We have attended on a couple of occasions and have enjoyed ourselves.  We try to rotate between my son and my daughter's in laws for Thanksgiving. 

My oldest son will either come with us to the in-laws or he and his girlfriend will celebrate at their home. He works A LOT and he may be working some of the holiday weekend.  

We will all get together for Christmas dinner at our home.  I will fix dinner and entertain the masses then. We don't exchange gifts but I do put together a huge saran wrap ball that is filled with assorted gift cards and small dollar tree gifts.  The total amount for the gift cards will be about $400. You get what you get. 

What pleases me is that my grown kids are happy in their lives and careers.  I can pick up the phone and chat with them and catch up.  And they can do the same.  I am GRATEFUL that we are still on the same page as a family and are not divided by disagreements or significant others. 

That is the best gift for me as a mom.  The love and support of my family. I pray it continues. 

Today I will be cleaning out a couple of kitchen cabinets that are long overdue.  These cabinets hold the meds and supplements for us.  I am not on any maintenance meds but I do take supplements when I remember. My husband is on a couple of maintenance meds and lots of supplements. 

Happy Sunday!



  1. Tell me more about the Saran wrapped gift cards, please.

    1. If you google Saran Wrap Ball that will give you the general idea about the game. I attach gift cards to some UNO cards in the saran wrap ball. I will go into more detail soon. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Very much agree - you have the best gift of a family that stays connected & spends time together. Well done.

    We do the saran game, and everyone contributes 5 gift cards or so, and the teens are often big winners. We play ours wearing oven mitts. It's hilarious & we love it. Such a fun change from needing to haul gifts back & forth on planes, doing exchanges, etc. We also do a card bartering at the end, in case the card you received isn't available in your location, etc.

    1. In the future as we enter into full time retirement, I think have everyone contribute giftcard for the saran wrap ball is a GREAT idea. We use oven mitts AND add a SAnta Hat you have to put on your head before you can start trying to unpeel the saranwrap.